Pacific Fishery Management Council

Pacific Fishery Management Council

March 2019 Council Meeting SUPPLEMENTAL Briefing Book Public Comment

Public Comments
Closed for comment at 02/26/2019 05:00 PM PST

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Comments submitted by the February 26th deadline will be reviewed, and all comments will be posted to this page on March 1st.

A. Call to Order
A1 0 Comments Opening Remarks, Roll Call, ED Report, Approve Agenda
B. Open Comment
B1 1 Comment Comments on Non-Agenda Items
C. Administrative
C1 0 Comments Council Coordination Committee Update
C2 0 Comments Marine Planning Update
C3 0 Comments NMS Coordination Report
C4 0 Comments Legislative Matters
C5 0 Comments Membership Appointments & COPs
C6 0 Comments Approve Council Meeting Record
C7 0 Comments Future Council Meeting Agenda and Workload Planning
D. Salmon
D1 0 Comments NMFS Report
D2 0 Comments Review Rebuilding Plans
D3 0 Comments Review of 2018 Fisheries and Summary of 2019 Stock Forecasts
D4 0 Comments Identify Management Objectives and Preliminary Definition of 2019 Management Alternatives
D5 1 Comment Recommendations for 2019 Management Alternatives Analysis
D6 0 Comments Further Direction for 2019 Management Alternatives
D7 0 Comments Further Direction for 2019 Management Alternatives
D8 0 Comments Adopt 2019 Management Alternatives for Public Review
D9 0 Comments Appoint Salmon Hearing Officers
E. Ecosystem
E1 1 Comment CCE and IEA Annual Report
E2 1 Comment FEP Climate and Communities Initiative
E3 2 Comments FEP 5-Year Review
F. Habitat
F1 0 Comments Current Habitat Issues
G. Groundfish
G1 0 Comments NMFS Report
G2 2 Comments Amendment 28 EFH/RCA Final Implementation and FMP Language Approval
G3 0 Comments Adopt New Sigma Values
G4 1 Comment Omnibus Process Planning and Project Prioritization
G5 2 Comments Final inseason Management
G6 0 Comments Whiting Treaty Implementation
H. Pacific Halibut
H1 0 Comments Annual International Pacific Halibut Commission Meeting Report
H2 0 Comments Incidental Limits: Options for Salmon Troll & Final for Fixed Gear Sablefish Fisheries
I. Enforcement
I1 0 Comments United States Coast Guard Annual Report
J. Highly Migratory Species
J1 1 Comment NMFS Report
J2 0 Comments Recommend International Meeting Activities
J3 0 Comments Drift Gilnet Performance metrics Review
K. Coastal Pelagic Species
K1 2 Comments Comments on Court Ordered Rulemaking on Harvest Specifications for the Central Subpopulation of Northern Anchovy