Pacific Fishery Management Council

Pacific Fishery Management Council

April 2019 Council Meeting - Briefing Book Public Comments

Public Comments
Closed for comment at 04/01/2019 05:00 PM PDT

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Meeting Time: 04/09/2019 08:00 AM PDT

The following Agenda has not been finalized and subject to change.


Supplemental comments submitted by the April 1st deadline will be reviewed, and posted to this page on April 4th. 

Comments received by the Advanced deadline will be posted on March 22nd.

A. Call to Order
A1 Opening Remarks, Roll Call, ED Report, Approve Agenda
B. Open Comment
B1 3 Comments Comments on Non-Agenda Items
C. Habitat
C1 0 Comments Current Habitat Issues
D. Administrative Matters
D1 1 Comment National Marine Sanctuary (NMS) Coordination Report
D2 0 Comments Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program Review
D3 0 Comments Legislative Matters
D4 0 Comments Allocation Review Procedures - Preliminary
D5 0 Comments Fiscal Matters
D6 0 Comments Membership Appointments & COPs
D7 2 Comments Future Council Meeting Agenda and Workload Planning
E. Coastal Pelagic Species Management
E1 0 Comments National Marine Fisheries Service Report
E2 1 Comment 2019 Exempted Fishing Permits (EFPs) - Final Approval
E3 9 Comments Sardine Assessment and Management Measures - Final
E4 8 Comments Central Subpopulation of Northern Anchovy Management
E5 1 Comment Central subpopulation of Northern Anchovy Litigation Response
F. Salmon Management
F1 152 Comments Tentative Adoption of 2019 Management Measures for Analysis
F2 0 Comments Clarify Council Direction on 2019 Management Measures
F3 1 Comment Southern Resident Killer Whale ESA Reinitiation Update
F4 1 Comment Methodology Review Preliminary Topic Selection
F5 0 Comments Salmon Rebuilding Plan Update
F6 0 Comments Further Direction on 2019 Management Measures
F7 1 Comment Final Action on 2019 Management Measures
G. Groundfish Management
G1 0 Comments National Marine Fisheries Service Report
G2 2 Comments ESA Seabird Mitigation Measures PPA
G3 1 Comment ESA Salmon Mitigation Measures ROA
G4 0 Comments Amendment 26 Final Action: Blackgill Rockfish
G5 0 Comments Science Improvements and Methodology Review Report
G6 0 Comments Electronic Monitoring: Groundfish Implementation Update
G7 0 Comments Vessel Movement Monitoring Update
G8 0 Comments Cost Recovery Report
G9 0 Comments Final Action on Inseason Adjustments; Including Salmon Caps for MWT EFP
H. Pacific Halibut Management
H1 0 Comments Final Incidental Catch Limits for 2019 Salmon Troll Fishery
H2 0 Comments Directed Commercial Fishery Workshop Planning